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Am I Candidate for Cosmetic Dentistry
An attractive smile no longer a luxury but a necessary part of our lifestyles. A beautiful smile can open doors and knock down barriers that stand between you and a truer, richer, fuller life.
  • Midline gap clousre.
  • Gummy smile correction.
  • Instant tooth whitening.
  • Gum de-pigmentation.
  • Tooth jewellery.
  • Metal free crown and bridges.
  • Veneers.


Apart from providing regular treatment option like metal and tooth coloured braces we offer our patient a TRULY INVISIBLE ORTHO TREATMENT  - ALIGNERS .They are custom-made series of trays  made of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic crafted using advanced technologys to straingtening the teeth.

  • short duration of treatment.
  • easy to wear  and remove.
  • no regular visit to dentist.
  • in fact no irritating braces.


Am I A Candidate for Dental Implants
Anyone and everyone with missing teeth is a candidate for dental implants. A person having a single missing tooth to having all his teeth missing can benefit from dental implants to replace their teeth.
  • Predictable long term success (better than 97% for 15 years)
  • No risk of cavities or Root Canal Treatment
  • Implants stimulate bone and maintain its dimensions by preventing bone loss often associated with loss of a tooth
  • As the adjacent teeth are left untouched, it is a more conservative approach to replace missing teeth
  • It has a much better and longer success rate than a conventional bridge, cast partial denture or complete dentures used to replace missing teeth